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Solar Panel Installation in Stoney Creek

Every year, thousands of homeowners make the switch to clean, sustainable energy by installing solar panels. Moving toward power provided by the sun helps save you money and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. For solar panel installation in and around Stoney Creek , contact 7899 RELE for an estimate. Using professional solar panel estimators and installers, 7899 RELE provides custom energy solutions for your home.

Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

Installing a solar panel system on the roof of your Stoney Creek home helps you save money on your monthly utility bills, lowers maintenance costs and provides a clean source of energy.

  • Lower utility costs - With a solar panel system, you not only reduce your monthly electricity costs, you also gain control over your spending. You can anticipate how much energy your solar system will produce each month, along with the potential to out produce your needs. The longer you have the system in place, the more you will save.
  • Lower maintenance costs - Modern solar panels typically come with a 20-year warranty, or longer. With no moving parts, and monitoring to ensure power production stays high, solar panels can last a lot longer than many other home systems.
  • Clean energy - A solar panel produces absolutely zero carbon emissions, helping to clear the air and water for everyone.

Installation Process

Moving from the grid to your own power is direct and easy through 7899 RELE. Simply schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and review your energy usage and discuss the financing and costs associated with installation. Once you have the numbers worked out, you can schedule your installation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Stoney Creek and start saving money on your next electric bill.