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Ceiling Fan Installation in Hamilton

Unpredictable weather wreaks havoc on utility bills, especially when temperatures fluctuate wildly from day to day. This unpredictability causes your HVAC units to work extremely hard to keep your home’s temperature stable, but the harder the unit works, the more expensive your utility bills are. Fortunately, a ceiling fan installation adds additional temperature controls to your home to moderate unexpected temperature changes. A ceiling fan installation in your Hamilton home performed by 7899 RELE offers several benefits to save money, and make your home feel cozy.

Utility Savings

Adjusting your thermostat by just a few degrees can save your family quite a bit of money over the course of a year. For instance, a five degree drop reduces the energy usage of an electric HVAC unit by over 3000 kWh, or $300 in twelve months, and those savings become even more pronounced when electricity prices rise. With a ceiling fan installation, you can drop your home’s thermostat by 5-7 degrees and rely on the cooling power of the fan to regulate your home’s temperature.

Air Comfort Controls

Hamilton is known for stifling hot summers, with a humidity that saps your energy every time you move. A ceiling fan installation addresses both issues at once. A cool breeze from the ceiling fan installation causes your body to perceive the temperature to be lower than it actually is, so you feel comfortable, without lowering your thermostat. Perhaps more importantly, the breeze prevents the buildup of moisture on the skin, which causes that “sticky” feeling on muggy days. Your ceiling fan installation also affects air comfort during the winter. A flip of the switch on the side of the fan reverses the blades, so instead of drawing warm air to the ceiling, it forces warm air back to the floor, making the room feel toasty.

Any ceiling fan installation in Hamilton requires a professional touch to ensure proper operation and safety for your family. Contact 7899 RELE to learn more about ceiling fan installation services and start saving money today.