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Stoney Creek Landscape and Security Lighting

You want your home to be safe and secure and beautiful. A well designed landscape lighting plan will

  • accentuate the beauty of your home
  • illuminate walkways to protect against slips and falls
  • highlight areas vulnerable to vandalism

The professionals at 7899 RELE can design a layout that provides you safety and security in an elegant style customized to your needs.

Landscape Lighting

You work hard to perpetuate the charm and ambiance of your landscape. Let us design a lighting system that creates the perfect mood for entertaining friends or relaxing on your own. 7899 RELE’s years of experience creating the perfect outdoor oasis for homeowners in and around the Stoney Creek area ensures you will be provided with only the most efficient experts available.

Security Lighting

Lighting areas of your home that may be vulnerable to vandalism or theft will give you peace of mind. Sometimes it takes an expert eye to find the spots that most homeowners overlook. Whether you need special spotlights or area floodlights, let the experts at 7899 RELE protect your property by planning a system tailored to the layout of your home.

Safety Lighting

Safety lighting can protect you and your guests from injuries caused by trips and falls. Whether it is illuminating walkways to and from your home or marking the edge of a backyard deck, 7899 RELE can provide you with the lighting you need to prevent accidents. Trust the experienced professionals at 7899 RELE to design the landscape lighting system that fits your needs. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to craftsmanship will give you the peace of mind and comfort you deserve. Contact us today about your landscape lighting needs.